Zayo Service Level Agreement

CALNET contracts provide easy access to telecommunications and network services because customers can order services in a simple form. As a result, the often costly and tedious procurement process is eliminated, while sparing the burden of executing the contract for the client agency. The customer can be assured that the services have been developed with best practices in terms of requirements, service level agreements, supply conditions and competitive prices. Service standards are often higher than in the industry. Zayo`s advanced fiber optic networks promote carrier-neutral colocation, cloud services and customized solutions. Customers and users can manage their routes via Zayo`s self-service platform to ensure that customers` needs are always met. A managed service provider like Stratosphere Networks, which works with large cloud service providers, can give you an unbiased opinion on your options. In addition, if you go through an MSP like Stratosphere Networks, you will have access to a higher level of customer support and rely on a single provider for all your account management requirements, even if you have multiple sites using different carriers. If you would like to learn more about Zayo, please contact our team of experts today at 877-599-3999 or email Get connectivity for dedicated fiber optic and network components that give your business the ability to securely connect high-bandwidth installations. . Security, scalability and reliability of a private network without the burden of owning and operating its own network infrastructure.

Zayo`s Private Fiber – Equipment Resale – Network Management offers a wide range of businesses and plays a crucial role in promoting innovation globally. Zayo`s all-fiber backbone, which owns and operates a 130,366-mile network in North America and Europe, includes connectivity with data centers, businesses, carrier exchange points, cloud providers and more. Zayo`s Dark Fiber solutions offer customers high capacity and low-latency bandwidth. Zayo`s extensive presence and coverage provide bandwidth that is not only flexible, but also scalable for businesses and business owners. . Once the creditors have been approved, the credit pointer links are displayed in this section below. For questions, please contact CALNET by email at or by phone at 916-657-9150. ..