University Of Melbourne Agreement

The agreement, which must be approved by the various institutions and their employees, would allow for a temporary change in enterprise agreements. Universities could force employees to take time off, reduce their working hours, accept pay cuts of up to 15 per cent, and forgo gradually increasing their wages. Please add with your agreement a letter from the Fellow at the University of Melbourne in which you describe that these developments are mediocre and small in many places. Nevertheless, it is this rank and the activism of the files to build a union force that offers a way forward, not questionable business with university bosses. A great job of hundreds of casual members to build solidarity from the basis of a two-year campaign. Countless meetings, rallies, petitions, dean appointments, zoom bombings and finally an appearance in the Vice-Chancellor`s villa, the Cumnock House, provided by the university. We went to ask a question: Is such generosity appropriate when casual staff owe $6 million in wages? The Melbourne Board of Directors also believes that the requirements of the agreement are contrary to its responsibility to “manage and control the affairs of the university.” Australian universities oppose a union-sponsored agreement and have cited individual circumstances and governance concerns More than 8,000 academics voted on the proposal to forego a previously agreed 2.2 per cent pay increase, with 5190 rejecting the proposal and 2879 voting “yes.” Universities Australia`s health officer said individual institutions should “examine the details” of the agreement and “decide whether they will participate based on their own unique circumstances.” The union argues that the university has more than enough cash reserves to deal with the financial consequences of COVID-19, including a decrease in royalty revenues in 2020. University of Melbourne Vice-Chancellor Duncan Maskell said the “no” would make it harder for the university to minimise job losses due to an expected $1 billion cut between 2020 and 2023. At The University of Western Sydney, the union entered into a pay reduction agreement with management, again without a member mandate. An hour earlier, a branch meeting was convened before a copy of the agreement was given to members. The industry voted for it. The desired result was achieved, so that no consultation of the members was carried out.

The courses, led by casual teachers, are at the heart of the University of Melbourne`s student learning experience. However, as today`s ABC report shows, working conditions and learning conditions for students are not a top priority for the university. Instead, the university systematically wastes money on consulting fees, senior executive bonuses and events like the Melbourne Ceremony. While this may be news to the general public, it`s not for UoM Casuals. In February of this year, at the opening ceremony, we staged an action to let new students know that UoM refuses to pay casual players to participate in lectures; Refuses to pay occasional payments appropriately; and that wage theft is widespread in UoM.