Quincy College Transfer Agreement

UMass Dartmouth has articulation agreements with colleges for programs where MassTransfer does not apply. These articulation agreements guarantee transfer credits for corresponding courses from one institution to another in certain important areas. These agreements reflect traditional school curricula, unless otherwise stated. “Quincy University and John Wood Community College have a long history of collaboration,” said Dr. Ann Behrens, QU Vice President for Academic Affairs. “These new agreements are a continuation of cooperation between our institutions, as we work to create more university and professional courses for students. We look forward to developing other initiatives to better serve students in the region. In addition to general education courses, students who acquire a degree in science and education from JWCC who move to the SSC will now accept education-specific courses in addition to general education courses as part of the education education of science. Quincy, Ill. – John Wood Community College and quincy University will develop their partnership with new transfer agreements in two new areas of focus, and develop another in a long-standing major.

Quincy College has formal agreements with a number of 4-year-old institutions inside and outside New England. These agreements allow for a smooth transition from the diploma of a Quincy College employee to a 4-year degree at one of our partner schools, while maximizing the portability of credits and the setting up of students with individual counsel by a representative hired for transfer admissions. To enjoy the benefits of Quincy College`s articulation agreements, you must finalize a partner, maintain the minimum GPA requirement in both schools, and ensure that the credits you plan to transfer have all received a C or higher grade. For more information on our articulation agreements, please make an appointment with a university advisor>> Agribusiness Transfer four-year-old JWCC offers courses that are broadcast in a bachelor of arts in general with a concentration in agribusiness offered at LA QU. Students who begin at the JWCC receive a two-year associate in Science in Agri-Economics, all of whose courses completed by the S.A. are accepted under a 2/2 articulation agreement by college officials. Did you know that a quincy College degree can open the door to visiting Curry College, Northeastern University, UMass Boston, Eastern Nazarene College, Lesley University and other local institutions? Quincy College has agreements with many institutions in the Boston area and beyond to help students move from their associate degree to a bachelor`s degree. Quincy College and Northeastern University College of Professional Studies have announced that quincy College graduates will be able to make a smooth transition to northeastern University College of Professional Studies after graduating from a bachelor`s degree. Thanks to this new partnership, the renegotiated articulation agreement, the courses covered by the agreement at Quincy College rely on the bachelor`s degree, as if they had been obtained at the four-year university. In the fall of 2017, JWCC graduates will be able to join the new agricultural management and supply chain programs at QU. John Wood-Major of Education will also be able to enjoy the benefits of the new agreement in the fall at QU.

The three transfer programme agreements – agriculture, supply chain management and education – cover the employment needs of K-12 businesses and institutions in the region. Northeastern University College of Professional Studies is one of nine colleges that make up the university.