National Health Service Corps Site Agreement

Proof of access to secondary, hospital and specialized care. Proof of downloading recommendation agreements is not available on site. FQHCs can e-mail this information to the NHSC Liaison at the TX Primary Care Office (TPCO). Upon review, the information and documents will be forwarded to the BHW Regional Operations Division (DRO), which will be added as an approved website. The BHW Regional Operations Department (DRO) conducts on-site visits in coordination with your site and your country`s primary procurement office. We assess the understanding and implementation of all the requirements we have set out in the agreement on the NHSC website (PDF – 358 KB) and the Site Reference Guide (PDF – 878 KB). However, your website must remain in an HPSA. It must continue to meet the NHSC eligibility requirements and qualification factors throughout the admission period. Note: If you are unsure of the type of site or have questions about the ineligibility of your site, use this card to search for DRO contact in your country and send an email to the DRO (Division of Regional Operations) contact. Website administrators who may be eligible for NHSC automatic authorization should contact us directly to add new websites to the BHW customer service site. In this case, your site administrator must submit an NHSC Comprehensive Behavioral Health Services checklist (PDF – 397 KB). DRO employees check these materials ahead of the on-site visit.

NHSC location data tables. Check the information in Appendix D of the Reference Guides Site, then send complete tables of location data containing information about the site`s location. Note: In Table 2, the column (a) minus line 5 column (b) in Table 2 must be equation 9. If not, please add an explanatory note to the Notes section on page 3. Don`t leave anything empty You should expect regular on-site visits as long as you retain NHSC-approved website status. The following types of sites are not allowed to become an NHSC site, even if it is located or serves in a Occupational Health Shortage Zone (HPSA). NHSC location data tables. Download data tables from the NHSC website (PDF – 1.3 MB) with information about the site`s location. Follow the steps in our NHSC application process. In order to maintain the status of a National Health Service Service Corps (NHSC) site, your site must meet all location requirements. This also applies to automatically approved NHSC sites.

Note: If your organization has multiple sites in multiple Occupational Health Shortage Areas (HPSAs), you must submit a separate application for each site. We check/approve each individually. To become a National Health Service Corps (NHSC) website, your website must be a certain type and meet a list of requirements. Non-discrimination policy. Please provide a copy of patients` non-discrimination policies on the basis of race, colour, gender, national origin, disability, religion, age, sexual orientation or gender identity. This should come from the website policy manual. If several pages of policy manual have been downloaded, please indicate the page of this directive. Note that a published communication should be included, but it is not identical to the Non-Discrimination Directive.

Visits to the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) strengthen the links between our program staff, your site and the NHSC clinicians who work on your site. In a typical cycle, you have six to eight weeks to submit your application to the site.